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zeroplaneTried playing SWL for a few hours in beta... combat really turned me off. The cash cow grind and stupid crafting... anyone actually played post beta and liked it?
Vendeta   I haven't spent anything on it yet and can't see me really needing to, but not adverse to it either. Depends on how patient people are I guess. Agree with Flame, I am enjoying it as much as I did TSW. Yes they changed stuff I liked, which took getting used to, but also added new stuff I like, so its still fun nonetheless.
Isaax   plz join us zero and bring prof XD we are growing and have a lot of old faces lets break this game again lol screw there cash cow lol
Nihonto   So you guys have a cabal in SWL? I am playing too slowly leveling up I like it like I like TSW my character is called Jager if I can get an invite
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IsaaxCabal is up and running on swl msg me for invites
Isaax   or flame maker
Isaaxany one coming to tsw and want the early access on the 23 needs to log in to tsw today
Flamemaker   [link]
Baktah   Guess I can wait until the 23rd, Absolver beta 2 is running this month. Registrations open until the 16th.
Flamemaker   Secret World Legends has entered Headstart for old TSW players.
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Ngoctu   [link]
if you want to try Albion (work on ipad too :p)

is still in beta release is 17july
I will be writing up some guide as I am testing the beta
is pretty cool pvp wise open world pvp full loot

^_^ in game
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Isaax   kade whats up
Isaaxi got in beta
Isaax   let me know how it is
Ngoctu   it's good for PVPer... it's a mix of UO+EVE+Starwar galaxy
it's similar to BDO but there is a lot less different in gear power especially because full loot and all gear are ONLY crafted so get go from T1 to T8 a full T8 is 10% more powerful than a full T5 and if he dies he lose it anyway and he need to recraft it that more or less the big difference with BDO where in BDO a T5 can never witn T7 since each level give you 50% more power
Ngoctu   official release is july 17 (where there will be the last wipe) so there is time to get use to it in beta with no worry of be late or rush since everything will be erased
CharviEnd of the World pvp event incoming soon. Would be great to see many of you there. Check pvp forums.
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Isaax   nice i will make sure to be there
Isaaxwho is all in for the reboot?
kadekawa   Ill be your kaishakunin Charvi
Charvi   It would be an honor...
Isaax   fuck yea the gang is back together where the fuck is prof lol
Isaaxi[link] fuck u funcom
The Secret World to relaunch as free-to-play Secret World Le...
Despite praising its "innovation, atmosphere and charm", Phil felt Funcom's The Secret World was hamstrung by its weak combat and genre-typical MMO padding in his 2012 review. Late...
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Isaaxgoing to be mia for a bit while i move also waiting for new service
IsaaxGoing to be out till the end of dec i am moving i will beback soon stay strong for me love u guys and have a good holiday
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